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Registration Opens: December 1st - December 31st, 2023.

Program Begins: January 1st, 2024 

Program Ends: March 30th, 2024

Recommended: Participants commit to the full 90-day challenge duration. Not all workouts need to be completed but this will slow down your progress and leaderboard ranking.

Required: Participants must have access to 2 medium weight dumbbells and 1 heavy dumbbell/kettlebell. Barbell exercises can be used in place of dumbbells where appropriate.

Recommended: Gym membership


Required: Participants take body measurements before starting using the provided tracker.

Required: daily weigh-ins, preferably in the morning and after relieving oneself.

   - Take forward-facing, side, and back photos.

Recommended: Daily Weight Tracking (divide by 7 for average fat loss)  

Recommended: Weekly Photos

Recommended: Monthly Body Measurements.

   - Extra points for consistent tracking activities.


Required: 30 Minutes Workouts 7 Days Per Week.

Required: Minimum 3k Steps 7 Days Per Week. 

Recommended Outside but Not Required

Recommended 5k-10k 

Required: Daily 6-8 Hours of Sleep

Required: Daily Water Intake: 100oz

Required: Daily Protein Intake: 100g

Recommended: Daily Protein Intake: Goal Body Weight  in Grams

Required 5 Minutes Daily but not limited to of at least 1 of the following: 

Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Music, Screen Avoidance, Stretching, Foam Rolling, Ice Plunge, Muscle Massage, Gratitude Journaling, 

Connection: Meet a Friend, Pet an Animal,  Hugs, Cuddles, And Safe Consensual Sex.


 Required: Use the provided app to log completed workouts with video evidence of each exercise.

 Required: Engage with the workout of the day post in the Facebook Group.

Recommended: Post a daily screenshot of the "health" app indicating daily steps.

   - Encouragement to share meals or meal prep in the group.

   - Share helpful tips and recipes for bonus points.

   - Participation in weekly challenges for leaderboard placement and points.

   - Earn points for various activities, including workouts completed, meals eaten, nights slept, steps taken, practiced mindfulness, rest and recovery.

   - Recognition and rewards for leaders at the end of each week and month.

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Required: No-Excuses and No-Judgment Zone.

Required: Participants are encouraged to come as they are and give their best effort.

Required: Don’t make excuses and accept accountability for your actions.

Required: We foster positivity, encouragement, and effort is rewarded.



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