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Is it good to hire a personal trainer? Short answer is YES! But there are a few things to take into consideration. "What are my goals?" "Am I ready to commit to my goals?" "Is this person qualified to help me reach my goals?" If you can answer these questions then it is worth having a discovery call with a coach. There is nothing to lose and all to gain!

Are personal trainers expensive? This answer varies from place to place. When it comes to physcial fitness and behavior change, experience and education are a huge factor. When interviewing a prospective trainer, be sure to ask in detail about their experience. Afterall YOU are hiring them!

How often should you train with a personal trainer? For starters, this is going to depend on a few variables. 1) What are your goals? 2) Are you moving enough without seeing a trainer? 3) Your budget. The minimum and maxium frequency we work with clients are between 2-4x per week.

How long until I see results from personal training? The first month you will begin to feel better. Including being less bloated. Month 2 is where your start to lose more weight and your clothing will begin to fit better. Month 3 is when you will be able to see a

Should I workout BEFORE hiring a personal trainer? We get this question a lot! The reality is that you should be moving in general. But if you're already considering hiring a personal trainer, do it sooner rather than later! Learn how to train the right way once and for all! Start fresh and stick with it.

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